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Proceedings of the International Conference

The international meeting “Mathematical Sciences and XXth Century Dictatorships -Western Europe, Portugal and its Atlantic Connections” was part of the celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the Portuguese Mathematical Society, founded on December 12, 1940. It intended to be a debate on the contexts that surround the development and practice of mathematics under dictatorships. It had a special emphasis on the behavior of the mathematicians and of scientists in general in each country when confronted with the social and political structure peculiar to the totalitarian state where they live in, as well as on the ways that dictatorial regimes equate their behavior in relation to the scientists in general, and mathematicians in particular.
The papers in these Proceedings will be presented in the order they were exposed in the meeting.
We hope that the publication of these Proceedings allows a larger public to become aware and acquainted with these themes, and that they will help to deepen the debate on these issues.
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  • Autor: Editor: Luís Saraiva