Sectorization of a parcel delivery service.

Description | A parcel delivery service wants to distribute an action region among its k teams. The region is divided into zones identified by postal code.

Starting from the drawing of the map with the zones of the action region and the number of deliveries scheduled for tomorrow, in each zone, the objective is to make a sectorization of the region, so that the k teams have a balanced service between them, covering contiguous zones, and considering that the k vehicles of these teams have a limited capacity.

Mathematical background | Students need to have basic knowledge of some programming language. While solving the challenge they will develop some simple algorithms that can be written in any language.
During the challenge, they will learn some notions of using GIS and Google Earth software.
It is useful, but not essential, to have some notions of linear programming models or optimization heuristics.

Coordinators | Isabel Cristina Lopes, CEOS.PP and ISCAP - Politécnico do Porto, and Ana Maria Rodrigues, INESC TEC, CEOS.PP and ISCAP - Politécnico do Porto.


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