Academic Coordinators

José Luis Lisani

University of Balearic Islands, Spain

Jose-Luis Lisani received the PhD degree on Computer Science and Applied Mathematics by the Universities of Illes Balears (Spain) and Paris-Dauphine (France) in 2001.

He is currently Associate Professor at the University of Illes Balears (Spain) and is member of the Institute of Applied Computing & Community Code (IAC3). His research interests include the analysis and processing of color images and video sequences. In recent years, and in collaboration with IMEDEA (Mediterranean Institute of Advanced Studies), he has been working on the application of deep learning techniques to the study of fish populations.

He has coauthored the book A Theory of shape identification (Springer LNM, 2008), and a chapter in the book Denoising of Photographic Images and Video (Springer 2018).

Bartomeu Coll

University of Balearic Islands, Spain

Bartomeu Coll is currently full Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Illes Balears (Spain) and is member of the Institute of Applied Computing & Community Code (IAC3).

In the field of image processing, his research activity has focused on the processing and analysis of images, more specifically on denoising, impainting and stereo problems. Together with the TAMI imaging group of the UIB, he has led a longstanding cooperation with CNES (the French Space Agency) and a permanent technology transfer contract with the company DxO, one of the world leaders in image processing.

He has more than 60 publications in international journals in the field as well as co-inventor of 4 patents.

Isabel Cristina Lopes

LEMA, CEOS.PP, ISCAP, Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal

Isabel Cristina Lopes has a degree in Mathematics, PhD in Industrial Engineering and a post-graduation in Statistics.

She has a position at ISCAP - Polytechnic of Porto, lecturing Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research. She is member of the Centre for Organisational and Social Studies of P. Porto (CEOS.PP), and member of LEMA-Mathematical Engineering Lab. She is currently in the board of APDIO (the Portuguese Association of Operations Research).

Coordinator at ISCAP of the “StoSS – Sectorization to Simplify and Solve” Project funded by FCT, led by INESCTEC in partnership with CEOS.PP/ISCAP and ISCTE, whose objective is to develop a decision support system for solving problems of sectorization.

She frequently participates in international scientific meetings in the field of Operational Research and Statistics. Her current research subjects are sectorization problems, vehicle routing, industrial scheduling problems, cutting and packing problems, stock management, integer programming methods, statistical data analysis, panel data models, time series and forecasting.

Ana Maria Rodrigues

INESC TEC, CEOS.PP, ISCAP, Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal

Ana Maria Moreira Rodrigues holds a BSc degree in Applied Mathematics and Computation, a Master in Applied Quantitative Methods for Management, and a Ph.D. in Engineering and Industrial Management from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto.

She is a Senior Lecturer at ISCAP-P.Porto (Porto Accounting and Business School - Polytechnic Institute of Porto). She is a researcher at CESE (Centre for Enterprise Systems Engineering) at INESC TEC and CEOS.PP (Centre for Social and Organizational Studies).

She participates in several projects, and currently, she is the leader of a project funded by FCT: StoSS – Sectorization to Simplify and Solve. Her research interests are related to Sectorization, Decision Support, Multi and Many-objective Optimization, and Vehicle Routing Problems.

Ricardo Enguiça

Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (ISEL), Portugal

Ricardo Enguiça has been teaching in ISEL since 2003, through a wide spectrum of Maths subjects. He finished his PhD thesis in 2010, supervised by Prof. Luis Sanchez from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, on the subject of Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems. He still works on those areas, publishing regularly and participating on international meetings.

He is a member of the Coordination of the Applied Maths Course in ISEL, being an active collaborator in the interaction with some Companies, namely by supervising some students’ internships.

This connection with the real-life applications has developed his interest in mathematical modeling, programming and machine learning, and in that direction he also participated in the last European Study Groups with Industry in Portugal, and is co-organising the next one, to be held in ISEL.

Rafael Blanquero

University of Seville, Spain

Rafael Blanquero is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Statistics and Operations Research of the University of Seville, Spain.

His expertise area includes Optimization, Machine Learning and Mathematical Modelling, with a longstanding background of transferring mathematical technology to industry.

He is a member of the board of the Spanish Network Mathematics-Industry (math-in) and the Spanish Platform for Modelling, Simulation, and Optimization Technologies in a Digital Environment (PET MSO-ED), head of the Optimization research group, funded by the regional government of Andalusia, and member of the management board of the University of Seville.

Emilio Carrizosa

University of Seville, Spain

Emilio Carrizosa is full professor of Statistics and Operations Research at the University of Seville, Spain.

His recent research focuses on the development of mathematical models and numerical optimization algorithms to address decision making problems in a data-driven (machine learning) framework.

He serves as president of math-in, the Spanish network for mathematics and industry. In the past, he has been president of SEIO, the Spanish Society of Statistics and Operations Research, director of IMUS, the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Seville, and editor in chief of TOP, the Spanish OR journal.


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